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  • Click above for information in relation to occasional house and land purchase opportunities. Stay updated on special projects at locations including Gunyong Creek Lane, Mt. Eliza and the innovative "four homes in a garden" downsizer project in Balwyn North. (Also see Value Options for our "Smaller Smarter" homes at Rosebud.)

  • Click above for additional information in relation to our mainstream business, individual design for individual clients. See the difference (“apples & oranges”) between ‘project homes’ and ‘individual design’ explained. Also for occasional papers on specific design issues, industry commentary and hiring opportunities.

  • We know that not everyone has a need for individual design, and we seek to have products that give purchasers access to good design at very affordable prices. An example is our village scale development at Rosebud where less than ten house & land packages remain, priced from $435,000. (Click here to view the Rosebud Village video.)

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Individually Designed eco houses from Fasham - Home Builders of Melbourne. Downsize your Home - Demolish and Rebuild Eco Homes

Featuring houses designed as Eco homes and Demolish and Rebuild your home for downsizing homes and houses for solar powered environmentally friendly living.

Fasham home builders construct architectural eco houses in Melbourne, with solar powered designs and a focus on light and space in the living areas - perfect options for downsizing your home. Their contemporary home designs are environment concious, and feature architectural plans structured around solar energy to maximise their green living properties.

For advice regarding architect designed homes with a solar power design and an emphasis on environmentally friendly living - call Fasham, contemporary home builders in Melbourne. Contemporary designed homes built to your own specifications, Fasham put major emphasis on light and space in the home. Individually solar power designed eco houses and contemporary homes from Fasham are designed to allow you to live in harmony with the environment. A perfect option for those considering downsizing their home.

Downsize your Home ? - Downsizing for Retirement

Can your lifestyle benefit by Downsizing your home. Downsizing your home is an option an increasing number of discerning investors are choosing. When the children have paired up and moved on to greener pastures - suddenly a whole lot of space becomes available to maintain ! in this case : downsize your home - this option may suit you very well if you are considering retirement.

Downsizing your home

Downsizing your home can be a method of turning the additional space into a capital reserve - indeed this is one of the main reasons people choose to downsize their home. Other benefits flow on from downsizing your home in that it can lead to lower running costs. Downsizing your home can mean home heating and lighting costs are reduced.

Downsizing your home for retirement

Another popular reason to downsize your home is for retirement - the inevitable is always worth consideration.

Downsizing your home would logically lead to a physically smaller home, easier to maintian, cheaper to run, smaller garden - perhaps. The designers at Fasham have created a series of downsized contemporary modern homes on the Mornington Peninsula - south of Melbourne.

The Smaller Smarter range of Homes from Fasham are designed with Fashams usual high standards of home design excellence and their usual regard for the environment - in that these downsized Eco-Friendly homes are designed with retirees in mind.

Demolish and Rebuild in Melbourne to Downsize your home for Retirement

With the costs of renovation becoming prohibitive, more and more people who consider retirement are choosing the Demolish and Rebuild (Knockdown and Rebuild - as they say in the housing industry) option to downsize their home in Melbourne.

In the past decade or so, an increasing number of empty-nesters have found themselves looking to downsize their home. This opportunity brings the ability to re-think the traditional design of the family home and many retirees are opting for eco choices with a strong focus on architecturally designed homes, solar orientation and contemporary layouts.
According to the Housing Industry of Australia, about one third of all new detached houses are now in this Knockdown - Demolish and Rebuild category. "There is a massive incentive to knock-down and rebuild," says HIA.

Knockdown and Rebuild : Demolish and Rebuild to downsize your home

The spiralling cost of renovations in recent years has meant rebuilding has become more attractive. "It's more cost-effective to knock the thing over and build something twice the size," is the feeling in the housing industry.
At the higher end of the market, increasingly, some are looking to buy a block with an existing house ripe for demolition.
"Building a house takes time and money, as well as conviction, planning and stamina." is a caution emphasised by many in the housing industry.
There are some big questions to be asked, and many more issues to be considered before taking any steps to downsize your home with a Knockdown, Demolish and Rebuild of your home.

Demolish and Rebuild your house for Retirement in Melbourne

For those with the time and money, as well as conviction and stamina willing to take the plunge

Design-and-construct generally suits people who want to walk through the process and not take a leap of faith
The Housing Industry are advising people when choosing design-and-construct houses to shop around for builders.
Display houses provide an indication.
At Fasham - We propose the most appropriate design for the site, considering it's placement in relation to the Light and Space. Taking into account other parameters, our goal is to make custom energy efficient and environmentally friendly bespoke-designed homes more affordable - particularly for those considering Retirement.

View Fasham Display homes on the Mornington Peninsula at Rosebud and My Eliza.
Display Homes at Rosebud and Mt Eliza - perfect for Downsize homes

For the perfect Downsize home See Fasham Display homes at Rosebud and MtEliza Display Home

Eco Homes from Fasham incorporate exceptional design principles - Eco Friendly Houses in Melbourne

Contemporary Eco Homes from Melbourne home builders Fasham are noted for their small energy footprints, making best use of the land on which they are situated. Eco homes by Fasham are installed complete with Solar Panels and oriented for full use of the light by the Fasham Designers who draft these contemporary home designs.

Architecturally designed homes from leading Melbourne building company Fasham feature solar friendly home designs. Fasham are Melbourne builders that design eco homes with environmental architecture in mind. Their contemporary designs are environmentally conscious, making efficient use of light and space in the home. Contemporary houses from Melbourne builders Fasham feature environmentally friendly solar energy designs.

Architect Designed Houses in Melbourne

Fasham are renowned in Melbourne for their architect designed houses and homes. Every Fasham house design is unique and based on solar orientation and light and space. Our architect creates hand drawings in the initial period of a new house design based upon our client brief. Indeed, architect designed houses from Fasham are highly sought in the Melbourne property market.

Fasham Display Homes can be viewed in Balwyn

Fasham have actively built display homes in Balwyn for many years. The Fasham design ethos of eco credential, light and space, solar orientation and architect design lends itself to the leafy surrounds of Balwyn. Our display homes in Balwyn are open on key weekend periods and by appointment through our Armadale office.

Solar Design features are included in all Fasham Homes and Houses

Contemporary Solar designed Houses from Melbourne home builders Fasham, feature individually designed and perfected solar designs that emphasise light and space in their designer homes as well as eco homes for environmental living. Fasham homes contribute to protecting the environment with solar design principles. The general utilty savings can be measured with every house from Fasham, leading home builders in Melbourne.

Individually Designed Homes and Houses

Enjoy an individually designed eco house from Fasham, the environmentally conscious Melbourne home builders. Fasham focus on unique architecture in their individually designed homes. Enjoy an eco house from the Fasham designers range of individually designed homes that utilise and make efficient use of light and space.

Environmental Homes and Houses

An eco-friendly contemporary home from Fasham provides clients with an efficient solar design. Fasham experts individually design your home according to your specifications leading to some of the most livable eco homes on todays market. Fasham home builders are conscious of environmental design when building their eco houses making Fasham one of the most prestigious builders of contemporary homes in Melbourne.


Fasham’s eco homes serve the environmentally conscious by making solar design and light and space integral to the architecture of their individually designed homes. Contemporary homes by Fasham - Builders in Melbourne make the best use of the available features of the land. These contemporary house designs are specifically oriented towards the light, maximising the available sunlight for Solar panels making the designs environmentally friendly and featuring open and contemporary designed living spaces.

Contemporary Homes

Individually designed houses from Fasham are designed to emphasise light and space. Fasham are Melbourne builders that design environmental solar friendly houses that focus on maximising light and space in the home. Fasham are Melbourne builders that construct environmental homes that make optimal use of light and space. Fasham are Melbourne builders renowned for their eco friendly home designs featuring contemporary designs.

Builders of Contemporary Individually Designed Houses

Fasham are leading Melbourne builders that design environmental homes. Fasham build homes in Melbourne that feature modern designs and environmental architecture. Their individually designed homes are built to the highest standards in the Melbourne home building industry and feature solar friendly designs that make optimal use of light and space.

Melbourne Builders

Fasham are Melbourne home builders with over forty years of experience building individually designed environmental houses and eco-homes. Their builders and designers promote light and space in every contemporary house build, with modern solar power designs that maximise the energy efficiency of your individually designed home.

An alternative to architect designed homes, Fasham as builders in Melbourne are renowned for their homes of prestige. Fasham specialise in Eco homes and Eco houses designed specifically with a small energy footprint in mind, they maximise use of the features already existing on a given block of land.

Individually Designed Homes and Houses from Melbourne Builders

Fasham are Melbourne builders that have been building individually designed homes for over Forty years. Their focus on eco friendly solar design makes their individually designed houses the pinnacle of environmental architecture.

Fasham are experts in individual contemporary house designs that emphasise the importance of light and space in the home. Their solar designed houses strive to promote environmental living, and have earned them a reputation as leading Melbourne builders of contemporary homes.

To Downsize your home or not ?

Downsizing your home is an option many are choosing, the benefits can be many and downsizing your home may suit you very well.

Downsize your home for retirement

Downsizing your home can come with many benefits, a smaller home would be easier to maintian, lower home running costs, space to use how you choose to. The The Smaller Smarter range of Homes from Fasham are downsized contemporary modern homes forming a community of downsized Eco-Friendly homes specifically designed with retirees in mind.

So for those planning a sea-change - the Designers at Fasham homes have created an excellent downsizer home range available on the Mornington Peninsula - just south of Melbourne .

For the perfect Downsize home See Fasham Display homes at Rosebud and MtEliza Display Home

Contemporary Houses

Contemporary homes from Melbourne builders feature environmental designs. Houses with contemporary designs from Fasham home builders ensure effective use of light and space in their designs. Environmental homes from Fasham feature contemporary architecture from Melbourne builders that design environmental houses.

Light and Space

Efficient use of light and space in design make Fasham Homes energy efficient eco houses with effective solar power systems. Fasham believe light and space in the home should be intrinsic with contemporary architecture, and this focus on light and space ensures Fasham homes possess an individuality of design that you will be sure to love.

In conclusion:

  • Contemporary Eco Home Builders in Melbourne.
    Fasham are Melbourne builders that will ensure the construction of your individually designed eco home possesses the contemporary architectural appeal you desire.
  • Solar Designed Houses with Individual Architecture.
    Fasham build individually designed homes for clients and have done so for over thirty years. Their emphasis on light and space and solar friendly designs ensure their environmental houses are eco friendly as well as contemporary in architectural design.
  • Designed Homes for Environmentally Friendly Living in Natural Light and Space.
    Experience designed homes from Fasham today and rest assured that your eco house is friendly to the environment with an efficient solar design and contemporary architecture that can bring light and space into your home.
Contact Fasham for environmentally conscious Melbourne builders of solar powered eco homes and individually designed contemporary houses.

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