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Open To The Sky

A well-designed home creates shelter and a sense of grounding for its occupants. The shelter protects us from the discomforts of the natural world like rain, heat and wind. In a Fasham home, we set out to safeguard our connections with the natural world.

Having a sense of being open to the sky is one powerful way to feel that connection. The sky is constantly changing. It shows us the movement of the sun and the moon, the changing weather and seasons. It brings us birds, it shows us the tops of trees, the tops of roofs, towers and spires. For over forty years we’ve been developing design and building techniques that allow us to create homes that are private and sheltered yet also connected to the sky.

We are known for our flat roofs, our clerestory windows, our highlights and our skylights. We use all these techniques in our designs to maximise the changing light patterns of the sun and the moon, the views of the sky from different perspectives and the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

Please visit our Display Home at 73 Reserve Rd Beaumaris Wednesday between 1-3pm or alternatively drop by on a Saturday and Sunday between 1-5pm.