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Homes Inspired By Nature

Nature is an important element in our Fasham design philosophy. Homes that are attuned to nature feel more relaxing, more spacious and more welcoming. Many of our clients give the natural world a high priority in their lives, choosing locations and sites for their future home that place them in the centre of dramatic natural landscapes. Many clients want the natural world to be a strong element of design, even when they choose inner city locations and sites.

Our job is to maximise these elements in a way that meets the individual needs and lifestyle of each client. Over the decades that we’ve been building new homes, we’ve come to believe that a few key things can unlock the benefits of nature in a home, regardless of where it is located. We incorporate these design principles into each home that we build.

• Light levels   • Smart views   • Significant trees   • Open to the sky   • Natural colours and textures

Visit our display homes at:

73 Reserve Road Beaumaris Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm

22 Keyes Street Ashburton Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm.