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What size of houses do we build?

‘All sizes’ is the short answer. A longer response would be that we design houses according to the needs of each individual client. This, naturally enough, covers all sizes.

We have always enjoyed a reputation for being highly skilled at making small homes feel large, a reputation which goes some way to explaining our popularity with downsizers and with single occupants.

We design and build large homes too. We do have a philosophical view about houses that are bigger than they need to be however, or kitchens that are unnecessarily complex, or rooms that will never be used. These topics make for lively and (mostly!) productive discussion at the initial design brief.

Whether your dreams are large or small, if your interest is in an individual home, designed to your needs, your budget, your site—then please consider a conversation with our Architect Bruce Marshall.

“What sort of houses do we design?”

Our design language is contemporary, with a signature commitment to ‘light & space’. We believe that the path of the sun in relation to your site is the single most important factor in the design of your home. All our design responses reflect this core position.

We frequently combine primarily flat roofs with feature roof forms (e.g. curved, clerestory, push-up), generally over central living areas, that deliver distinctive architectural outcomes and flood light into interiors.  And of course we can design a home with a pitched roof.

We design from the inside out, first getting the plan right, according to each individual brief, then working on the external elevations. The way a home’s inner spaces live, the flow from one area to another, the view looking out, the sense of light and space, will have far greater impact on the lives of those within than any view from the street.

We believe strongly that trees are to be respected. Where possible the home design should adapt to existing trees.

“What sort of budget is needed for a Fasham home?”

We design and build to budgets from around $500,000 to more than $1.5 million.

Clients nominate their budget as a key part of their initial brief and, critically, we design to that budget. We are able to do so with a high degree of accuracy because our Architect Bruce Marshall, operates a design studio embedded within a building company, which means we are not guessing at figures—Bruce has a very strong knowledge of construction methodology and costs. We are able to tell you whether your needs can likely be met within your nominated budget. Depending on your site and your requirements it may be that $490,000 is sufficient, or that $800,000 is not enough.

We then add another layer of certainty, with the building arm providing a comprehensive construction estimate back to the design team. Both the plan and the fixed price quote are presented to clients before they are required to make any financial commitment. Our clients understand that individuality has both a higher initial cost and, prospectively, a higher return. And they find, to their lasting joy, that it has a higher immediate dividend in terms of lifestyle.

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