Trevor Fasham


Trevor is the founder of our company and has been its driving force for over four decades. He is on our Board of Directors, and as Past President of the Master Builders Association of Victoria he maintains an active interest in the Melbourne building industry. You may meet him when you come to our office for meetings. Trevor has a legendary knowledge of residential investment in Melbourne and a deep, rich understanding of the contemporary building process and the building industry. His experience, expertise and insight are the foundations of our business and are woven into everything that we do.

Melanie Fasham

Managing Director

You probably will not meet Melanie as she works behind the scenes. Her responsibilities are sourcing and managing suppliers of materials and services, estimating building projects and overseeing construction methods and schedules. With her background as an engineer and process quality manager for global manufacturers, Melanie ensures all the materials and methods that are used in the construction of your new home will contribute to a high quality outcome. Melanie is a Registered Builder and has a leadership role in the building industry, as Past President of the Master Builders Association of Victoria and current member of the Building Regulations Advisory Committee and the Building Reform Expert Advisory Panel.

Emma Fasham

Managing Director

Emma is responsible for the sales, marketing and client liaison functions at Fasham. You will meet with Emma during the design process and then work closely with her to complete the exchange of the building contract. With her background as a licenced Real Estate Agent, her Master of Business Administration and her international business experience, Emma brings a contemporary, relationship-based approach to doing business. She understands the importance of your investment in your new home and your business relationship with Fasham and works hard to ensure that this investment is rewarded.

Bruce Marshall


You will meet Bruce at our first meeting to discuss your new home project. He is responsible for creating a design brief that will drive the detailed design and construction of your home.

Bruce has decades of experience gained through working on residential design and construction projects, both in Australia and overseas. He has built and renovated many of his own homes, and he has first hand knowledge of how design and construction work together. He understands there are often options for meeting a particular requirement, and each of these options may have cost implications. At the design stage, we care about these options and how they will impact your budget, your level of investment and your expectations. Bruce finds one of the thrills of the job working out the myriad design considerations and challenges to meet the needs and desires of a specific home on a specific site for our clients.

While Bruce has not been at Fasham for decades, he has been interested in our design philosophy and construction approach since he started as an architecture student. Since his university days, he has been looking at Fasham homes for inspiration and ideas. His contemporary design approach aligns with our design DNA and is a natural fit for our business.

David Salt

Finance Manager

David is responsible for managing the invoicing and payment processes for your new home. You will probably get to know him via email or phone interactions rather than in face to face meetings. His role is to ensure the payment process is smooth and efficient for all of us. When we build your new home, we rely on very detailed documentation and strict legislative requirements. Invoices need to be very clearly set out, so that any variation orders throughout the process are understandable for you and easily referenced by us all. We seek to have contracts and processes that are clear, up front and reasonable. If there is an issue that arises along the way, we will deal with it promptly and with fairness in mind.

At the end of the construction phase, David completes the handover with you. He is interested in your experience of designing and building with us and will talk to you about what you have enjoyed, and if there is anything that we could improve upon based on your experience.

David is a CPA and has worked in a wide range of businesses in Australia and overseas.