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Smart Views

We spend a lot of time in our design process thinking about how to maximise the natural assets of your site. Where clients see an empty block of land, we see a whole range of opportunities to capture views. We need to balance all these external possibilities with the requirements for internal spaces (and often, the constraints imposed by town planning and council regulations). We think about all the views that will be available to you as you move around the house: from your entry hall when you arrive home, from your bed when you wake up, from the kitchen bench as you’re preparing a meal, from the lounge room when you’re relaxing, from the study when you’re in need of energy and focus.

There are sites with hero views like seascapes or distant mountains but it’s actually the intimate views that can inspire us in the liveability of a home. It’s a view at the end of a hallway to a tree trunk, or through a high level window to a tree canopy or cloud or a glimpse of a seasonal plant in an internal courtyard that creates the tiny moments of pleasure in someone’s day. Because no two sites are the same, each presents an opportunity to create a set of views that is uniquely pleasing to an owner. We aim to find the best set of opportunities for views that will deliver a changing set of experiences. We know we’ve done a good job when we create views that our clients say they never expected to see. Surprise, delight, variety – these are the daily benefits of designing a smart set of views in your home.

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