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Downsizing: Where to start?

The empty-nester effect

Many people today are seeking to scale down to a smaller residence or unit. Frequently the trigger for this move is the departure of the last of their children from the family home.

Staying where you are

Some in this situation wish to explore the development of their existing site, allowing them to have a new home to match their new requirements, plus an investment property or unit for sale. With the right professional advice this can often secure a new residence at little or no cost. It also has the considerable attraction of retaining the same address to retain your established community of friends and neighbours. And of course, as you already own the land, there is no stamp duty payable.

Not withstanding these considerable benefits, there are many hurdles placed in the way of such a project. Even the most aesthetically pleasing developments can attract objections from neighbours and encounter difficulties with town planning—difficulties that take time and expertise to work through. If considering development of your own property, you are strongly advised to obtain professional advice.

Understanding downsizing

We have been advocates of ‘right sized’, smarter housing since the inception of our company more than 49 years ago. We are not developers. We design individual homes for individual clients.  We enjoy creating a sense of light and space in our smaller homes, and assist our clients seeking to develop their present home sites, utilizing our expertise.

Path of the sun

Every home we build, without exception, we design to the path of the sun and the contours of the site. The very idea seems innovative, yet we have built this way for more than a generation.

Experienced personnel

Our design personnel are fully conversant with town planning requirements and, where necessary, we retain external town planning consultants to assist the success of applications.

Special mobility needs

One consequence of a long-time focus on the needs of empty-nesters is that we especially understand the importance of planning for reduced mobility. Sometimes this is for a present need, more often it is a case of anticipating future requirements. Simple and inexpensive provisions made today can result in very substantial avoided costs at a later time.

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